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Not all land paddles are created the same

Land paddling has been around long enough to really start to see and understand a few things. One of those things you will start to see is that a paddle is just a paddle just made up of different components. Have a stair railing sitting in the garage? Get a dog toy and fashion it to the end and wala you have a land paddle! Want to buy something from one of the few land paddle makers still in business but even those will have allot of similarities.

Not many have added to the game but a few have added some composites, efficient push tips and flex in the shaft for some added comfort. There are some perks to using those paddles, lighter, built to last are just a few but are they really that much different than the home made DIY land paddle others have made out of PVC or some other material. Well that is up to the paddler to decide and figure out what they are willing to invest.

If you are one of those looking for something more on your next land paddling expedition check out what the BraapStik Carbon Fiber BraapAttack has to offer and consider what it offers you and what you could do with a paddle like this? Put in more miles? Faster hot laps and trip times? Or just save your body the added stress and abuse of the solid impact of most land paddles out there. Watch this video and you decide. Please post your comments and share your knowledge we can all benefit from your input.

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