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Custom Land Paddles and LongBoards

Performance Land Paddle

     Other land paddle companies may have invented land paddling. We took Land paddling into the 21st century with innovation never seen before in Land Surfing the concrete wave.

     Softer on the joints, faster down the straits, more convenient to store and travel with. BraapStik Performance Land Paddle does things other land paddles only wish they could do. Why would you use anything other than the best knowing that your working harder! Get out and land paddle more, go further faster.. Braap.. Braap...

Performance Land Paddle Review. The most innovative land paddle availble.
Custom Longboards and Paddles

     Get a custom longboard and land paddles for that special someone on that special day or just because you want to stand out in the crowd with a unique one off product that no one else has. 
     Check out our Carbon Fiber Land Paddle line-up. A customize BraapAttack is the top of the line Land Paddle there is no better land paddle out there. Just under 2 pounds the paddle has one of the lightest land paddle swing weights out there. Get more out of each stroke. Ride the concrete wave when you cant make it to the water. Our land paddles will get you out more often and keep you more fit. Paddle right out of your driveway when the weather is to cold for the water but just right for a few miles on your favorite Longboard. 

     Reach out we can make sure you get the right setup to get you paddling. We are a PUSH * PADDLE * PUMP company if you don't know what were talking about lets chat. It is the only way to really enjoy your day riding the concrete wave. 


A fresh new product and the crew that reps and loves to skate


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