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Custom Land Paddles and LongBoards

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Braap Attack Performance Land Paddle

Get the only paddle that is not a stick with rubber on the end. I build comfort into the paddle that is custom made to best fit what will work best for your needs. 

Extends up to 80" and collapses down to 58" (but can be shorter if needed)


I will reach out when you order this paddle to find out more about you and what you need. Its the best of the best of the best.


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Braapstik 2.0 Performance Land Paddle

Super tidy and collapsible. 32" fully collapsed great for commuting. Extends up to 6' by design because it is intended to replicate your SUP stroke not be a long push stick with a rubber tip. 

It comes with a super comfy ergonomic Ball Handle but can be swapped out for a T-Handle. Get a set of Braap Clips and mount this to your board to make it even better.


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200MM Custom Longboard

Braapstik 200mm  Big Wheel Longboard

When it comes to a safe ride there are not many safer than this 42" long camber bamboo longboard. What makes it safe is its large narrow wheels that do not get caught up on rocks or cracks. You can roll over everything in your path with this longboard. 

It has a camber allowing for more clearance on this super low connected longboard. Comes in 2 different flexs so you can get the best ride based on your size and riding needs. 

When you are getting back on the board after a long time or for the first time. This is for you.


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Braapstik Skate Handle

Need a simple way to learn how to skate? Use this super simple skate handle that attaches to your skateboard giving you just that little bit of support you need to learn how to carve with the best of them. 

The handle is adjustable for big or little guys. If your an experienced longboarder wanting to learn to push switch or mongo its so easy to do when you have just that little bit of added confidence. 

Handle is easily removed when you do not need it so you can skate without it.


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A fresh new product and the crew that reps and loves to skate

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